MOS Word 2016 Tutorial - Chapter 1: Create and manage documents (Part 2)

Objective 1.2:  Practice tasks

Ø  Open the Word_1-2 document, and then do the following:

o   From the Navigation pane, locate all instances of to.

o   Review the search results on the Results page of the Navigation pane.

o   Modify the search term to locate all instances of toy. Move between the search results by using the navigation buttons on the Results page.

o   Modify the search options to locate only instances of the capitalized word Toymakers, and then review the results.

o   Perform an advanced search for all instances of Toy or toy, either capitalized or lowercase, that have the Heading 2 style applied.

Ø  Display the table of contents, and then do the following:

o   Insert a hyperlink from each of the six first-level headings in the table of

contents to the corresponding heading in the document.

Ø  Ctrl+ click the hyperlink you inserted to move to the Resources section of the document, and do the following:

o   In the first paragraph, insert a hyperlink from the URL to the website at Change the display text of the hyperlink from to the Wingtip Toys website and set the target frame to display the website in a new window.

o   Verify that clicking the hyperlink displays the Microsoft website home page in your default browser.

Ø  In the Contact Us section of the page, do the following:

o   Insert a hyperlink from that will create an email message addressed to you, with the subject MOS Study Guide message.Ensure that the display text remains

o   Ctrl+click the hyperlink to create the message, and then send the
message to yourself.

o   Select the name Lola Jacobsen and insert a bookmark named

o   Attach a bookmark named DesignManager to the name Sarah Jones.

Ø  Return to the beginning of the document, and then use the Go To function
to do the following:

o   Move between graphics in the document until you reach the end.

o   Move from the last graphic to the top of page 3.

o   Move from the top of page 3 to the SalesManager bookmark.

Ø  Save the Word_1-2 document.

Ø  Close the open documents.

End of Objective 1.2

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